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Event Planners

Ready to unleash the extraordinary at your next event?

You have carefully crafted every detail and we supply the unique special touch to turn this event into an extraordinary memory.

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Add personalized souvenir cutlery holders to all your future business celebrations. From launch parties, training days, retreats, team building events and anything else you plan, we help you create the final touch!!


Enter the date, your logo, picture or just a funny quote and we provide the artwork composition and include a high quality napkin in every holder. 

At the end of the event, your team will take home a souvenir to mark this joyous occasion. 

Technical Details:

  • Final product size: 3.42/7.48 in or 8.7/19 cm

  • Made from uncoated premium paper weight 110g

  • Each cutlery holder includes a premium white napkin with two layers: Total napkin measurement 13 /13 in or 33/33 cm

  • Each napkin has been mechanically placed inside the cutlery holder to ensure that no contact takes place within the printing and production processes.

Graphic Design:

  • Single-handedly by the customer

  • You can get details at the following link:



  • 50 pcs                                          $99


  • 100 pcs                                        $130


  • 200 pcs                                     $190


  • 300 pcs                                     $250


  • 400 pcs                                     $300


  • 500 pcs                                         $350


  • 600 pcs                                         $390


*Including shipping

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