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6 ways to create your perfect tablescape

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

No matter the occasion, your tablescape design should be the center of attention. Discover 6 ways to inspire your next celebration!

1. Tablescape around your centerpiece

Your table’s centerpiece should be your starting point when building your tablescape. Whether it's to mirror the patterns in your china or the hue of your napkins, it's your table’s main attraction so you want it to be a showpiece. Your centerpiece is a statement piece and is there to make an impact, however, if it's larger than the table can manage when food is served, make sure that you have space to move it to once dinner is served. If you choose to leave it on the table during dinner, make sure that guests on opposite sides of the table can see past it comfortably. While flowers are often a traditional centerpiece, try experimenting with unconventional materials to add that “special something extra.”

Tablescape around your centerpiece

2. Flower Power

Flowers are often a traditional centerpiece because their beauty and vibrance can add both a sense of class and dazzle to the table–unlike anything else. If you choose to use flowers as your centerpiece, make sure that your floral arrangements are presented within a stable vase. If you choose to use flowers as per-seat placements, make sure that they’re neatly kept together in a single-flower vase or using string, twine, etc.

Tablescape with flowers

3. Match your tablescape to your decor

Tablescape designs work best when they complement their surroundings. Be sure to choose an arrangement of colors, decorative materials, and china that suits the theme of the space. This applies all year round, whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving feast or a birthday party.

4. Elegance: The secret behind your tablescape success

A lot of the time, cutlery and glassware consideration and preparation are left until the last moment. Part of a successful tablescape is making the correct choice in terms of glassware and cutlery. Try and see these elements as equal to the centrepeice’s importance–because they do indeed make all the difference. Elegance can be found in items like structural glasses and by setting out cutlery per course in advance.

tablescape success

5. A beautifully textured tablescape makes all the difference

When creating a multi-dimensional tablescape, the textures used are pivotal. This is a personal choice and for those of you who enjoy more of a maximalist approach, you can use a variety of tablescape accessories, and layering techniques to add a level of amplitude to the table’s design. Think of the tactile sensations experienced, and interconnect woven placemats. Use tactile chargers such as crocheted placemats, and soft and wooly linens.

textured tablescape

6. Personalization is powerful

Creating a tablescape takes everyone attending the event into consideration but also needs to make each individual guest feel included; special. Whether your tablescape includes a subtle or an elaborate personalization approach for your guests, it makes everyone around the table feel special. Personalized items can include flowers as per-seat placements, napkins, name cards, personalized chocolates/candy, or even wine glasses! Take it even further by having your guests’ names or initials on their items. This special and thoughtful act makes guests feel at home–in your home. Personalized accessories, whether it's napkins or handwritten place cards, never go unappreciated.

Personalization is powerful

So, what's the most important thing to know about tablescaping?

There is no one important aspect. Tablescape design is a plethora of opportunities to inspire, experiment, include, and enjoy your loved ones and special occasions. See your table as a blank canvas. Using your celebration’s theme as inspiration, run wild and feel free to try and test out new textures, colors, and accessories. Your guests will definitely appreciate it!

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