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Birthday party themes and tablescaping ideas

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Everybody knows that a good birthday party theme can take the average birthday party to the next level, and make it forever memorable. While planning a birthday party comes with an array of challenges, one of the most difficult ones is deciding on the ideal theme in the first place. So, if you’re not entirely sure which direction you’d like to take… look no further! We have an inspired list of seven birthday ideas, ranging from your birthday party’s tablescape, and birthday party supplies to the most memorable displays. This is one birthday party your guests won’t forget!

1. Classic birthday party table setting theme: Black and white elegance The classic birthday party style is a classic for a reason. The bold contrast is striking, the simplicity allows for dramatic additions to your table and, best of all, leaves room for you to be creative with your birthday party’s tablescape. To successfully curate the elegance behind this theme, use draped textures such as black and white satins and voile cloth to increase the dramatic effect of the contrast. Experimenting with textures can go a long way with this birthday party theme and some particularly interesting textures to incorporate into your table’s setting can be black and white feather boas and masks, black and white glitter, spray painted black and white trees, and black and white patterned napkins. There are only a few birthday party supplies you can use but go wild! And, don’t forget the food! Include the contrast in the dishes and snacks themselves with white frosting, blank sprinkles, candies, drinks and more. The ultimate statement of elegance is the perfect black and white birthday party table setting, and we don’t see this trend going out of fashion any time soon.

birthday party table

2. Tablescaping your Alice in Wonderland-themed party!

If there was ever a birthday party-themed rabbit hole to dive right into–it's this one. After all, is there a better theme to get lost in? We don’t think so! The classic story’s theme can be brought to life at a birthday party using an array of reds, blues, and white tablecloths with strategically placed drapings. (Mad) Hats are a must, as well as teacups and dainty teapots. To encompass the Alice in Wonderland theme even further, we suggest incorporating sweet pies, tarts, and of course a lot of tasty cakes and treats! To bring your Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party to life, cover your tablescape with playing cards and bottles of “secret potion.” Your guests will leave feeling as though they have indeed emerged from a fantastic and magical experience. This theme is not only suitable for an adult birthday party but so too a children’s birthday party.


3. Nothing like a blast from the past–bring on parties from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s!

We may be in 2022 but the disco-inspired 70’s, retro-styled 80’s, and pop-themed 90’s are here to stay. Now, depending on when you were born, your icon may be Elton John, Janet Jackson or Britney spears… but it doesn't matter because who doesn't love a good dress-up party? Any excuse to dress up like your fave from the good ol’ days–and we’ll hop on board that party bus! And, we’re sure your guests will too. Get your birthday party guests to arrive in the fashionable attire of one of their favorite celebrities of their favorite decade. Make sure you have a good mix of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s classics on your playlist and let the good times roll. Be sure to include brightly colored (and flavored) cocktails (or mocktails, depending on your guestlist) and relevant props–whether it's a 70’s photo booth, an 80’s inspired inflatable guitar, or a 90’s iconic reference to a TV show (like Friends). When tablescaping, remember that the bigger–the better, the brighter–the better, and the bolder…you get it. Bright colors, glitter, props, the carefully curated playlist–the makings of an unforgettable party.

dress-up party

4. It's Vegas, baby!

Vegas’s exhilarating and wilder side of life is always a winner when it comes to birthday party themes. When setting up your table, remember to think “casino.” From chips and slot machines to an iconic Vegas sign prop, your guests will leave the birthday party dreaming of dollar signs and fancy dress. Spruce up your tablescape decor with dramatic drapings in deep reds and golden hues. Be sure to add dozens of dollar signs, bills themselves, dice (in all sizes), cards, hotel signs, palm trees and lots and lots of glitter. If there was ever a theme to go over the top with–it's Vegas, baby!

birthday party dreaming

birthday party food

5. Tablescaping your Fire & Ice themed birthday party

This theme is particularly interesting because you can really get creative and think out of the box in relation to both elements–fire and ice. Your guests will also find the combination fun to play around with, especially if you have the right props and decorative pieces. For the ice element, use while, blue and silver hues, while for fire be sure to use red, orange, and yellow. With the color schemes set, drape your table/s accordingly with cloth drapes. For ice, use decor such as icicles and delicate snowflakes, icicle string and lighting, white glittered branches and leaves, and of course–Ice! Ice sculptures, miniature “ice” sculptures on the table, and dry ice fixtures can take your fire and ice themed birthday party to the next level. For fire, be daring and use a (registered!) flame machine, projection screens with images of fire, and lots and lots of flame banners. Although there’s ice, this party is sure to get HOT.

Ice themed birthday party

6. A table setting or an enchanted forest?

This theme is one of our favorites because not only is it accessible in a hurry but it's truly elegant, magical and oh so fun. With various shades of green and golden cloth drapings, enshroud your tablescape with twinkle lights, and fresh ivy trails and garlands. Add to the magical landscape with large flowers, glittered leaves and trees, and toadstools. With this magica theme, a fantastical background can go a long way–add an ethereal background for your guests to feel truly lost in an enchanted forest. You can choose to extend your tablescape’s imaginative wonder by using labels for the food served, including the enchanted magical twist, for example “forest berries,” “fairy mushrooms,” and “crunchy toad sticks.”

A table setting

7. It's a Circus themed birthday party!

Is there anything better than a funfair? We think not. With the smell of caramelized popcorn and excitement in the air, this is one theme that your guests are sure to love and remember. Reds, whites, and blues are your color scheme. Using the hues in cloth drapes, set your table accordingly. Make sure that your tablescape includes ring master/magicians’ hats, balloons, and funfair signs. Depending on how big a bash you intend this to be, you can make it even grander with trapeze artists (grounded or hanging from the ceiling if your venue allows for it), registered flamethrowers, dancers and animals. Whether it's a simple funfair or an over the top circus, this theme is always a winner. And, once again, this theme is not only suitable for an adult birthday party but so too a children’s birthday party.

Circus themed birthday party

We hope that we’ve inspired you for your next birthday party with these amazing tablescaping and decor ideas. Be sure to use your cutlery cases in each and every theme–as tailored to the party’s unique design. We can’t wait to see what you do!

Disclaimer: If you choose to use fire/ flamethrowers or hire exotic animals, please be sure to use the licensed and registered professional services.

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