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4th of July party, 2023 - The year you will never forget!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Summer time is approaching and with this time of year there is so much planning to be done🌞 When do we fit in beach days, when do we start that road trip we’ve been planning? When do we head to an amusement park and maybe add in the water park? There are outdoor concerts to enjoy and many summer vacation memories to create and of course where are we going to celebrate the 4th of July 🇺🇸

4th of July party

How do you plan to celebrate this year?

Are you planning a family reunion? Hosting a barbecue? Maybe planning a picnic?

Some neighborhoods have block parties, while other towns hold arts and crafts fairs and carnivals.

Where will you celebrate the 4th of July of 2023 and whom will you celebrate with?

I was speaking with some friends and remembered how growing up in the Bronx, we always met at the park for friendly neighborhood games of baseball, football and who remembers kick the can? One friend, who grew up in Montana, remembers the annual 4th of July parade that was always put on in her town and another friend who grew up in Oregon said she and her family would always invite friends to watch the fireworks from within their pool in their backyard. She remembers seeing the fireworks through the trees in the adjacent forest and always felt the lights through the trees is what made it magical. Our friend in Massachusetts said that today, the kids love watching the fireworks display in the nearby lake. I love how everyone has their special memories of where they watched the fireworks displays growing up and how today they make new memories with their friends and families.

My funniest 4th of July memory is from 17 years ago when one of my daughters turned 5. Her birthday is July 2nd so when she was very young we had always told her that the fireworks displays were in her honor. Every year, this little girl felt so special as the sky lit up with lights to celebrate her birthday. I will always love the innocence of a child❤️ However, of course we knew this one day would end. As we arrived at the park for her 5th birthday, she asked why there are so many people we do not know. Why did strangers come to the park for her birthday? We said they were here to see her fireworks. Well, innocence began to fade and she didn’t seem very convinced of our story 🤦. By her 6th birthday she had definitely figured it out. It was fun while it lasted, and at least for a few years, she was amazed by the show we, her parents, put on every year for her birthday🥰 Of course today, and for many years already, she is well aware that the fireworks are for commemorating America’s independence day but we still enjoy the laugh of the little girl that use to believe these amazing light shows were all for her.

What are some of your favorite 4th of July memories?

With so many options, let’s get planning to make this year even more special 🤩

First thing to consider is where do you want to be to enjoy the fireworks display and with whom do you want to share this occasion?

I was always particularly fond of looking for places that have firework shows over the water. Pretty backdrop and 2 shows, 1 in the air and a second one, reflecting in the water. Ok, very funny but not quite what I meant🤣 One more step and I see our friend falling into the water. Enjoy the show, but that doesn’t mean you need to swim.

4th of July party

No matter where you celebrate, make July 4th, 2023 the event to remember!!

You can always look in your local paper to see what is going on in your city, town or neighborhood and then decide if that is what you would like to do, or maybe conduct a google search to see if some places further away offer some more appealing options. You can take this time to catch up with friends and family you may not have seen in a while. Why not use this opportunity to plan your next vacation.

Let’s look at some options we have found for you:

Have you ever seen an airshow?

Across the USA in numerous locations such as California, Florida, Texas and Washington D.C. there are annual air shows that will amaze and entertain you. Fighter jets perform aerial acrobatics, aircraft formations and flight teams put on some very unforgettable performances.

4th of July airshow

Plan a trip with friends and/or family to see somewhere new

Whether you decide to head to the mountains, or go find the sea, make sure you are with the people you love. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

4th of July trip

Find your nearest Arts and Crafts fair

If you enjoy Arts and Crafts you can display your own talents, or go to admire and buy from others. Enjoy the weather and find a fair that offers what you like. Some focus on jewelry, soap making, pottery and more.

4th of July crafts fair

As you see, 4th of July offers many opportunities but don’t forget to focus on safety as well!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Many pets, especially dogs and cats, can be very startled from the loud noises of the fireworks. Many farm owners also share how cows, sheep, horses and even poultry show signs of distress as the noise fills the evening. If you are a pet owner and plan to leave your pets unattended, make sure they are in a safe place so as to not get injured when startled.

  • When you arrive at your destination to enjoy the fireworks, make sure you are a safe distance away from wherever the fireworks are being discharged.

  • If you and your family/friends plan to ignite your own fireworks, please keep this away from small children and make sure you know proper ignition procedures depending on the type of fireworks you purchased.

  • Remember, lighting your own fireworks is not legal in all states. Make sure you know where it is safe to purchase and where it is legal to ignite fireworks independently.

Hopefully at this point you have considered where you would like to celebrate this year's 4th of July and with whom.

Now is where we come in to make sure your evening is over the top💖 We provide unique cutlery holders to commemorate every occasion. So click on this link and see what all the fuss is about.

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