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Baby shower party - your new bundle of joy!!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

baby shower planner

There are so many things to consider before your new little one makes their first appearance in this world. As a mom-to-be, you

need to eat right, sleep well and already begin protecting this

precious treasure you have created.

As the baby shower planner, you too have many responsibilities. So where do you begin? Right here! We have laid out all the steps you need to pull off a unique and unforgettable baby shower.

Step 1:

Decide if this is going to be a surprise baby shower or do you think the mom-to-be would prefer to be involved in the baby shower related decision making. Whether she is your friend, your sister, your cousin, or whoever that special someone is who is bringing new life to the party, you need to consider her needs. Does she like surprises or would she rather be involved in the process of planning her baby shower?

Party planning

Step 2:

Is this her 1st child? When planning a baby shower for a first-time mom, she needs it all. From the little things like diapers, pacifiers and baby bottles to the bigger items like a crib, stroller and car seat, almost any gift goes and she probably does not have it yet. However, if she already has a child or 2 at home, consider creating a theme to help guide your friends and family that are buying gifts. You can focus on friendship and fun, for example buying gifts for the mom-to-be, not just for the baby. A pamper yourself basket or jewelry can be nice. Think of this special person and what she would like and won’t buy for herself. Or go with a growing-your-family theme with matching items and outfits for the children already waiting at home and their new addition. Clothes with “big bro/lil bro” (“big sis/little sis”), personalized blankets and the like are just a few ideas. Get creative, what unique gift can you think of? Whatever you decide, always make sure the mom-to-be registers at her favorite store. Then let all the guests know, their job was made easy by going to the specific store and buying straight off the registry.

planning a baby shower for a first-time

Setting a date for the baby shower party

Step 3:

Choose a date and time. Don’t forget to make sure this works for the mom-to-be and is early enough so she is still comfortable. Usually, four to six weeks prior to her due date.

Things to consider when choosing a date:

  • Give the mom-to-be plenty of time to sort through the thoughtful gifts she just received. This way, she still has time to set up the nursery and pick up any items she feels she is still missing.

  • When celebrated early enough, the mom-to-be is able to enjoy the shower and not be as tired and uncomfortable as is often part of the latter stages of pregnancy.

  • Make sure the shower is fun and focused on the mom-to-be.

  • Make sure you send out those invitations as soon as possible so everyone has the chance to set it on their calendars and prepare for the special day.

Step 4:

Decide on a location. Consider how many guests you will have and there are endless possibilities.

Things to consider when choosing a location:

  • Is the weather good? Do you want an indoor or outdoor event?

  • Budget - how much do you have to spend on this shower?

  • Do you want to have the shower at the home of the mom-to-be or the home of a family member or friend?

  • Do you want to have the shower at her favorite restaurant or cafe?

  • Do you want to make a trip of it and take the mom-to-be away for a day at the spa?

These are just some ideas? You know her best, think of what she likes and how to make her smile.

Step 5:

Pick a theme. Today most parties have a theme, so what matches the moms-to-be personality? Does she love animals? Fairy Tales? Cars? Do you know if she has decided on a theme for the nursery? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider how you can tie the baby shower theme together with the theme mom plans on using to decorate the nursery. Just another way to help mom get ready.

(Don’t forget, just because you know the gender of the baby, maybe mom-to-be hasn’t shared this with everyone. Make sure you aren’t mistakenly giving away any surprises).

Choosing a concept for the baby shower party

Create a guest list

Step 6:

Create a guest list and send invitations. Consider the location you selected, does this limit the number of guests you can invite? Once you decide who will be there, you can send printed invitations or electronic ones, just make sure the invitations go out early giving everyone plenty of time to plan accordingly. Check that all the important details have been included.

*Place, time, date and you can also add the website URL for the gift registry and store name.

Step 7:

Depending on location, you may need to consider decorations and refreshments. Even if you chose her favorite restaurant, make it festive! Bring balloons, streamers and banners so everyone can participate in the festivities. If this event is taking place outside, not only do you need to decorate, you also need to make sure there are plenty of refreshments. A pregnant mom is often thirsty, so make sure you have ample water on hand and don’t forget her favorite craving.

decorations and refreshments

Step 8:

No baby shower is complete without the games. This baby shower may only last a couple of hours, but the memories you are creating will last a lifetime. So be prepared, ask everyone to send you a baby picture of themselves ahead of time and prepare a poster where the guests will guess who-is-who? Baby bingo is also a popular baby shower game and always a hit is the diaper changing race. Bring some dolls and diapers and race to see who changes a diaper the fastest. Are you creative? Can you make up a new game that fits this special person? The sky's the limit.

Baby bingo

Step 9:

The final touches. So, you are almost done with the planning. You planned the baby shower, made sure all the mom-to-be friends and family are going to be there. The place will be decorated and the food prepared. So what about the party favors? What will the guests take home so whenever they see this souvenir, they will immediately remember this remarkable day. The day you worked so hard to pull off. Let me introduce you to a special gift no one has had before. Click here to order personalized cutlery holders. This will not only add a special personalized decorative touch to any tablescape, they are made of such high quality, they serve multiple purposes. Functional to hold your cutlery in a clean manner, pretty and unique, and most importantly you can use them as your party favor and every guest can take one home.

This can include the baby's name, date of the baby shower or a special message that you desire. Look around at the many designs offered or scroll to the bottom and create your own special souvenir.

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